Product Types

Product Types is a product categorization tool. Product types are created, and products can be assigned to Product Types. Products are filterable by type on the Manage Inventory page.
By default, product types are "client wide". That means a product type will be available for all companies within the client. This can be controlled by disabling client setting Enable ProductTypes to be Client wide.

  • Additionally, product types can act like templates, and can store default categories for each channel. Mapping categories of different channels to a product type can help ready your products for listing to channels more quickly than selecting the categories on each channel properties' page individually.
  • Product types can be used to default eBay related attributes, such as description and shipping templates, as well as eBay Business policies.

Create or Edit a Product Type
  1. Navigate Company Settings > Toolbox > Product Types. Or click the Manage tab next to the Product Type field on the Product Home page..
  2. Click Add New Product Type or Edit.
  3. Enter a type name.
  4. If applicable, select categories for Amazon,, eBay, Sears, and Newegg. 
  5. If applicable, select default eBay templates and policies.
  6. You also select a template that matches the product type. Selecting a template will allow you to create a brand new listing on Currently the mapped templates are limited so please check with SellerCloud support to see if an applicable category template can be placed on your server, or be created if necessary. 
  7. Newegg also has templates but they are only needed when posting listing through FTP. When using the API (recommended) the template are not necessary. 
  8. When product types are set as "Client Wide" you can still map a product type to website/Magento categories even though those categories are company based.
    1. Select a company from the dropdown at the top right. The website and/or Magento categories will display.
    2. Map the product type by select a category.
    3. Save.
    4. Select a another company to display its website categories. select and save.
  9. Custom columns can be linked to Product Type. This will hide any un-linked custom columns from displaying on the product when that Product Type is selected. Client setting Filter custom columns to be per product type must be enabled. Then, the custom columns will appear on the product type page for selecting to link.
Note: If the listing already exists on the channel, you do not need to manually the category and template. Add the listing via the channel and the required information will be linked automatically. 

Import Product Types
On the Product Types page click Import Product Types, then download the template and populate with appropriate categories. Import the template.

Add Products to Product Type
  1. Individually - On the Product Home page, click on the Product Type (by default is set to "Misc". to open the product type selection window. Select the product type from the drop down and save.
  2. Bulk update - Use column header ProductTypeName.

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