Get Products Ready For eBay In Bulk

Below is a workflow that can help you more easily get your products ready for listing on eBay.
  1. Open the Manage Inventory page. Open the advanced search tab and locate the Mode dropdown. Select eBay and press the Search button.
  2. Select products from grid and Export eBay Category Suggestions from action menu and press Go. Read more about exporting category suggestions here.
  3. Back on the Manage Inventory page, select products and Export Channel Missing Attributes from the action menu.
  4. Populate the file with the missing required attributes. 
  5. Copy and paste your preferred CategoryID (numerical ID) from the suggestions from from the eBay Category Suggestions export. Save the file.
  6. Import the file through the Bulk Update Products page.
  7. Back on the Manage Inventory page, select products and Export Item Specifics (Multi Format). This export must be done per eBay category. Populate the file and import in the Import Product Info > Import Products Specifics page. Read more options here.
  8. Manage Inventory page, select products > Launch on Channel from action menu and press go > Select eBay and press Continue..

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