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SellerCloud is integrated with TaxJar, a company specializing in sales tax reporting and filing for online retailers. This API integration provides you with two major benefits:

  • Accurate, hassle-free tax filing - Orders from all your sales channels will be uploaded automatically to TaxJar for accurate filing with state tax agencies nationwide.
  • Accurate P&L reporting - Orders can be updated with the exact tax you are required to collect for every state. Be advised that if insufficient tax was collected by the channel, the order will only be partially paid.
It is still advisable to configure a tax rate on the Taxes page. This lets you see the tax amount at the time you are creating a local order.

Configuring TaxJar

  1. Select Enable Tax API Per Channel PerState in the Client Settings.
  2. Click Company > Toolbox > Taxes > Tax API.
  3. Enter the Tax Jar API Key.
  4. Enable each relevant channel.
  5. For each individual channel, select the relevant states for which you are collecting taxes. This is necessary because there may be different tax collection rules for different channels.
  6. Select the Submit Tax via API box to send the order data to TaxJar and pull the tax rates into SellerCloud.
  7. Check the Update Order Tax box next to each channel to retrieve the correct tax rate for orders.
Orders are uploaded in scheduled intervals. SellerCloud Support can check that the window service TaxJarServices is running on your server.

Updating order tax amounts from API

Tax changes are saved to the Tax API Mismatch page, where you can either update the order's tax or dismiss the tax change:

  1. Click Orders >  Order Reports > API Tax Mismatch. The grid lists the orders with tax changes as shown below:
  1. Select the order > click Action Menu > choose either Update Tax on Order or Dismiss Selected. The order will disappear from the grid and the following occurs:
    1. A note is created in an updated order
    2. Profit and Loss will update immediately on the order's P&L tab
    3. Reports will update after the P&L service runs (daily - approx. 2AM EST)

Regardless of whether you update the order with the tax amount from TaxJar, the tax amount will appear in a separate column on the Tax Report under the Reports tab (if Tax API was enabled).

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