Fulfilled by Merchant or Amazon (FBA)

Updated 2 years ago

Products can be set to be fulfilled, or shipped, by the merchant or set to be stored and fulfilled by Amazon. Read here about shipping your products to an Amazon Fulfillment Center.
Note: Make sure you are enrolled in Fulfillment by Amazon before creating an FBA Inbound Shipment.
Set the default fulfillment method on the Amazon Product Defaults page (Settings > Company Settings > ToolBox > Amazon Setttings > Product Defaults). 

To change the default method on an individual product:
  1. Open the Amazon Properties page.
  2. Open the action menu and click Change Fulfilled By.
  3. Select to Change and Update Amazon or to Change and not Update Amazon.
To change the default method on multiple products:
  1. Select products on the Manage Inventory page. 
    • You can add the desired products to the grid by pressing on SKU next to the ProductID search field. Click on the Show/Hide textbox to paste SKU list link. Copy and paste the SKUs into the text box. Maximum 50 per search. Press Search SKUS. Then press Select. Press Search.  
  2. On the action menu, select Switch to AFN to be Fulfilled by Amazon, or Switch to MFN to be Fulfilled by Merchant. An update request will be sent to Amazon automatically to change the products status.
Update with file import:
Use column header FulfilledBy. Enter value "Amazon" or "Merchant". Upload file through Bulk Update page. Please note that this will only update the status in SellerCloud. It will not update Amazon with the changed status. 
When changing the FulfilledBy status of a product, it should always be done from SellerCloud, as this information can be pushed to Amazon and it will keep the setting in both locations in sync to prevent overselling. 

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