Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) or Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

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Please read first! This topic explains how to set FBM and FBA as fulfillment methods in Sellercloud's Delta interface. For instructions in Sellercloud's original interface, download this file.

In Sellercloud's original interface: To see discrepancies between product fulfillment method in Sellercloud and Amazon, open the company settings' Toolbox > Fulfilled by Inconsistent > Action Menu > Export to Excel > download the report.

Prerequisite: Amazon requires enrolling in Fulfillment by Amazon before you can create FBA inbound shipments to their fulfillment centers. Learn more about shipping your products to Amazon.

You can set products to use either of these fulfillment methods:

  • FBM - Fulfilled or shipped by merchant
  • FBA - Stored and fulfilled by Amazon
You should always change a product's fulfillment method in Sellercloud. Why? This information can be pushed to Amazon, which keeps the status in-syncm at both locationsm to prevent overselling.

To see all items in Sellercloud with discrepancies in their Fulfilled By status, see the Fulfilled By Inconsistent report under Settings > Company > Toolbox.

Check out this short tour on choosing FBA or FBM for your fulfillment method!

Check out this short tour on preparing and enabling products for FBA!

Setting fulfillment method for all products

To set the default fulfillment method for all products in a company:

  1. Click Settings > Company Settings > Toolbox > Amazon Settings > Product Defaults.

    sellercloud company amazon settings product defaults

    Choose the company-wide default fulfillment method for all products
  2. Choose the method in the Fulfilled By field > Save.

Changing fulfillment for individual products

To set the fulfillment method per product:

  1. Click Catalog > open a product > click the Amazon tooltab (or click Toolbox > Amazon Properties to select that tool tab).
  2. On the Amazon tool tab, click Action Menu > Change Fulfilled By.
  3. Click the desired radio button, Amazon or Merchant.

    sellercloud product details amazon fulfilled by
  • If product is already posted to Amazon, click Save. (The Update on Amazon box is selected by default.)
  • If product has not been posted to Amazon, uncheck the Update on Amazon box > Save.

Changing fulfillment for multiple products

Changing fulfillment method for multiple products will automatically change the product in Sellercloud and send an update request to Amazon to change the product's status.

  1. Select the products on the Manage Inventory page.
  2. Click Action Menu > choose:
  • Switch to AFN - Change products to Fulfilled by Amazon; OR
  • Switch to MFN - Change products to Fulfilled by Merchant

Success message for changing a product to fulfilled by amazon

Changing fulfillment in bulk by file import

Bulk-updating the fulfillment method for multiple products will update their status in Sellercloud only; this does not update their status in Amazon.

  1. Click Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info > Bulk Product Update > Generate Template.

    Click the Generate Template button to access the bulk upload template function

Choose an existing bulk update template or create a new one
  • Choose existing template - Click to use an existing template
  • Create new template - Continue with the steps below

    Choose the file format for a new bulk-update template
  1. To add columns to a new template, click in the Search field and choose from the list. You must select the FulfilledBy column for your template. When done, click Next.

    Add columns to a new bulk-update template
  2. To save the template for reuse, click the Save Template box. If not, go to Step #5.

    Save a new bulk-update template
  3. Enter a name for the template.

    Name the new bulk-update template and download it
  4. Click Download, then open the template, populate it, and save the file.

Bulk-update template with product IDs and fulfilled by amazon method
  1. On the Bulk Product Update screen, choose the file > Upload. A bulk update job will be scheduled.

    Select the populated bulk-update template file and upload it
  2. When the job is complete, your products' Fulfilled By status will show as updated.

Viewing product fulfillment discrepancies

You can run a report showing all items with discrepancies between their fulfillment method in Sellercloud and fulfillment method in Amazon. Because inconsistencies can lead to overselling or other issues, you can use this report to fix them.

  1. Open the company settings > Toolbox > FBM/FBA Discrepancies. The list shows all items with inconsistencies in fulfillment method.
In Sellercloud's original interface, open the company settings' Toolbox > Fulfilled by Inconsistent.
  1. To download the list, click Action Menu > Export to Excel.

    FBM-FBA Discrepancies report downloaded to Excel

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