Order Promise Date or Ship By Date

The order promise date is the "ShipBy Date" - the date by which you need to ship the order before the channel marks it as late shipping (not the date the package is to arrive at the customer). Shipping by the promise date is critical for seller performance metrics.
The promise date is based on the lead time to ship on the listing and is calculated by counting business days only. 
The date can be viewed in the order, and orders can be filtered by promise date. 
Some channels provide SellerCloud with a promise date, while others do not. Below is a list of channels that provide a promise date. All others can have a default promise date set internally in SellerCloud in the Settings > Order Promise Date Setting page. The default will be overridden by a promise date sent from the channel.

Promise Date in Amazon

In order to receive the Promise Date in the Amazon reports feed, you must enable it from Amazon.

  1. Log on to  SellerCentral with your Amazon account.
  2. From the Orders menu on top select Order Reports.
  3. Click on the Add or remove columns link on the right.
  4. From the list of Optional Columns enable the Ship Dates.

Promise Date in eBay

SellerCloud can pull the Promise Date for eBay orders from their API.

  • Go to your company eBay settings (Company > Toolbox > eBay > General Settings). 
  • Click on Get Open Auth Token. This will prompt a login to eBay and display this message:
  • Click on Agree to save the token in SellerCloud. 
  • Every new order will now be checked and updated with the correct Promise Date (Handling Time).

Promise Date in SellerCloud

  • To view the promise date on the order detail page enable client setting Display Order Shipping Promise Date. It will display beneath the order date.
  • Orders can be filtered by promise date in the Advanced Search tab.
  • Under the reports tab, the Fulfillment Report tracks shipping performance based on promise date. 
  • Newegg order will be automatically placed on hold if the user doesn't ship it by the promise date. This is because Newegg automatically cancels the order due to late shipment. Read more here.
  • When creating orders manually you can add the Promise Date during the creation of the order.

Promise Date in ShipBridge

  • Orders can be sorted in ShipBridge by promise date. Enable the promise date column on the "unshipped" tab (Menu > Customize Interface). The click on the column to sort.
  • Scan and Ship can be configured to load orders chronologically based on an earlier promise date when scanning an SKU. (Menu > Options > Scan and Ship. Enable setting When Scanning an SKU, load order based on Promise Date)

Channels that provide promise date:
  • Amazon - Unshipped Orders Report
  • eBay
  • BestBuy
  • Hayneedle
  • Kmart
  • Pricefalls
  • Sears
  • Walmart Marketplace (Version 3 +). More info can be found here.
  • Wayfair
  • Wish

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