General Settings Tab

Updated 2 years ago

  • Warehouse - Select a warehouse from which to deduct inventory when completing a purchase. Warehouse are created in SellerCloud, and a separate warehouse is typically created for a storefront. This will be set as a default, but warehouses can be changed on each order individually.
  • Default printer - For receipts. Reports and product label printers are configured separately.
  • Printer Mode - Of default printer - thermal or standard (laser).
  • Receipt Message - Message that displays on the receipt. Typically, it's something like - Thank you for shopping at our store!
  • Receipt Print Settings - Auto Show Receipt or Auto Print Receipt after purchase completes.
  • Tax Rate - Sets a default tax rate to be applied to purchases. Products that have a "Tax Exempt" status in SellerCloud will have tax applied to their total.
  • Allow Partial Payment - Yes or No.
  • Product Sale Price Mode -  Controls which price to use in the POS - Site Price, List Price, Local Store Price. This various prices can be set on the product home page in SellerCloud. 
  • Fetch Active SKUs only - Controls to filter out products without an Active status when scanning or searching products in the Sales window.
  • Show How Heard Option - Controls display of How Heard option on the POS Bridge module. The How Heard options are configured in SellerCloud under the settings tab.

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