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Updated 2 years ago

Automatic Order Import

Orders are imported automatically by setting up a scheduled task with the Houzz Order Import plugin. The FTP folder to pull orders from is "auto_download." That should be placed in the Folder field on the scheduled task. Houzz will run the reports every hour at the top of the hour, so you can schedule your task accordingly. 
Please note: Houzz will not drop orders that have been marked as "Charged" (which must be done on Houzz to process the payment). Ensure that the orders have been imported into SellerCloud before marking them as charged on Houzz. If you have marked them, as Charged, download the order file from your Houzz Seller Central and import manually (Orders > Import Orders > select Website/Plugin > select Houzz Plugin > choose file and Import).
  • Orders will import as "Website" orders. 
  • The email address on the order will be Houzzordersourceorderid@sellercloud.com  (For example, Houzz508-1486-1726-8584-2708@SellerCloud.com) making the orders searchable by the keyword "Houzz".  

Shipping Houzz Orders

Use ShipBridge to print shipping labels and packing slips. 
  • Houzz may  require you to add their channel name to the reference field on the FedEx shipping label. This can be done by selecting OrderSource in the Reference field on the FedEx Tab in ShipBridge
  • Houzz may require you to bill their FedEx account when shipping orders. This can be done by setting up 3rd Party Billing.

Automatic Tracking Export

After shipping the orders, tracking will upload to Houzz via a scheduled task set up with the Houzz tracking export plugin. The tracking export file must be named: “order_vendorname” in .csv format.
SellerCloud Support should create a custom column "EXPORTED_TO_HOUZZ". The plugin sets the value to "True" after it exports each order. Only shipped orders with out value of "True" will be exported in the next tracking export. The other steps that Houzz requires (charging the order...) have to be done manually.

Houzz Order Cancellations and Refunds

Cancellations and refunds must be handled through your Houzz portal.

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