Collect Files

For troubleshooting issues related to orders in ShipBridge, SellerCloud Support may need all files, logs and settings related to the orders. These files can easily be collected into a zip file with the following steps: (Read about exporting the settings file alone here)
  1. In ShipBridge, go to Help > Collect Files. A window will pop up.
  2. By default, all settings and log files are checked. Unless otherwise told, leave all boxes checked. Then, use the following option as needed:
    • Files modified between date field - enter a date range for log collection. 
    • Filter for Order#s checkbox  - if the issue is related to a specific order(s).  Enter the order number in the text field. Separate multiple orders with a comma.  
    • Check File contents - In the scenario of batch shipping, or printing labels through Dazzle or WorldShip, enable this option.
  3.  Press Collect Files. Save the files to a designated location. 
  4. The  zip file can now be emailed to your SellerCloud account manager, or attached to a support ticket or email.

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