Post Sales Order Credit Memo to Quickbooks

Updated 7 months ago

The Post Sales Order Credit Memo to Quickbooks module exports order refund amounts and item return quantities. Credit memos to related to purchase orders are included in the Post Detailed Purchase Orders to QB export. 

Posting refunds and returns to QuickBooks

  1. Ensure that QuickBooks is open and running on the same computer as QuickBridge.
  2. Select QuickBooks from the menu bar.
  3. Select Post Order Credit Memo to QuickBooks. 
  4. Select the appropriate dates and click the Get Credit Memos button.
  5. The grid will populate with sales orders credit memos that have not yet been exported to QuickBooks. The Return ID column displays the RMA number. If a refund was issue without an RMA, the refund ID will display in the column. The credit memo type - Return or Refund - will display in the Type field. 
  6. Click on Post Credit Memos QuickBooks and wait for confirmation.
  7. The RMA and Order Refund will be marked as "Exported" in SellerCloud to prevent them from exporting again. If you need to update and repost, change the status to "Not Exported". The Credit Memo will reappear in QuickBridge.

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