Adding Overstock Products to Your SellerCloud Catalog

Updated 2 years ago

Please Note: The following feature is only applicable for clients who are still on the Partner Oasis platform, which can use the API integration to retrieve Product information. Clients using the newer Supplier Oasis portal, which is an EDI integration, will not have this option available to them.

An Overstock listing can only be brought into SellerCloud once the product has been approved through Overstock's "Offer" tool and been given an Overstock SKU. There are 4 ways to bring in your Overstock products:
  1. To add (or just OverStock enable) an individual product into your system, go to Add Product via Overstock on the Inventory tab, enter the Partner SKU (NOT the overstock one) on the left side, pick a company, and click Add Product. It will tell you if the product has been successfully created or if there is an error.
  2. To add (or enable) a bunch of products at once, download a file of all your new products from Partner Oasis.  (Manage Products on the left menu panel, select the appropriate products, and then export.) Save it as an excel file. Go into SellerCloud, to Add product via Overstock, pick the company (on the right side) and upload that file. The resulting queued job will log any errors.
  3. The third way, which would only work if you already have created the SKU and put all its info in SellerCloud, would be to go to that SKU's Overstock Properties page, click Get OverStock SKU and Option SKU on the action menu, fill in the prices and costs, and enable it by checking the Overstock enabled checkbox. Click Save. 
  4. Enable client setting Auto Create Products From Over Stock Orders. As orders import, the items will be created and inventory will sync. However, the OverStock Product ID and OverStock Option SKU will not be populated.

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