Pricefalls Account Integration

Updated 11 months ago

Set up FTP:
  1. After signing up with Pricefalls, sellers should contact a Pricefalls rep and request to be set up with an FTP account. Credentials to the Pricefalls FTP will be emailed to the seller.
  2. Then navigate to Company Settings > Toolbox > Pricefall Settings > General Settings, and enter the credentials (Seller ID and FTP credentials) in the appropriate fields. Test the credentials from the Action Menu and save.
  3. Configure the FTP order folder to match the order folder structure on the FTP.
  4. Order file name should be entered as pricefallsorders*.txt 
  5. The Tracking and Inventory file names and structure should be left as at the default unless instructed otherwise. 
  6. On your Pricefalls Seller Portal, configure the file upload and download profiles. In the FTP SetUp, enter the file paths as is configured in SellerCloud. (e.g. For tracking, enter /tracking.txt)
Pricefall Categories:
Pricefall categories are imported and updated periodically by SellerCloud Support. After they are imported you will be able to select categories at the product level. 


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