Wayfair Account Integration

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Integrating with Wayfair is performed as follows:

  1. Complete the required integration form and return it to Wayfair. Usually, the client will have contacted Wayfair and received the form. 
  2. Enter credentials into SellerCloud's Wayfair settings.
  3. Shipping method mapping for Wayfair. This is optional, but it will place the correct method of shipping on the order.
  4. Configuring Wayfair Invoices/Packing Slips.
  5. Client's SellerCloud server must be whitelisted on Wayfair. The server IP can be provided to you by SellerCloud Support.

Complete the integration form

Follow these instructions to complete the integration form (some information is on the form itself):

Section 1 Contact Information - Complete contact information.

Section 2 Connectivity Options - FTP Direct Connection - Enter "Yes."

Section 3 Configuration

  • Production ISA:
    • Qualifier - Enter "ZZ"
    • ID - Use company telephone number
  • Test ISA:
    • Qualifier - Enter "01" 
    • ID - Issued to customer from Wayfair
    • Version – enter “Yes” in the 4010 box

Transaction Set and Process Detail - Enter the following values for the fields below:

  • Invoice -  Yes
  • Purchase Order - Yes
  • Purchase Order Acknowledgment - Yes
  • Ship Notice - Yes
  • Order Status Inquiry - leave blank
  • OrderStatus Response -  leave blank
  • Inventory - Yes
  • Purchase Order Change - leave blank
  • Purchase Order Change Response -  leave blank
  • Functional acknowledgment - Yes

Inventory Options

  • Frequency – choose "Hourly" – Enter  "2"
  • Format – choose EDI 846 Transaction – Enter "Yes"

Wayfair settings  

Open Settings > Company Settings > Toolbox > Wayfair Settings > General Settings and complete the fields as follows:

Note: See instructions about setting co-op fees here for dropship

 ISA Qualifier



 Wayfair ID you created. For example, your company telephone number.

 Wayfair Qualifier            


 Wayfair ISA ID

 Obtained from Wayfair

 Wayfair Seller ID

 Leave blank


 Obtained from Wayfair

Warehouse ID

Typically, this is the zip code for the warehouse

Order Handling Fee


Wayfair FTP Server

 Information given by Wayfair

Wayfair FTP User Name

 Information given by Wayfair

Wayfair FTP User Name

 Information given by Wayfair

Wayfair FTP Password

 information given by Wayfair

Login Email

 Information given by Wayfair

Login Password

 Information given by Wayfair

Safety Qty

 Safety quantity helps reduce the risk of overselling by subtracting a number of units from the available quantity.

 Default Qty

 When item is set as replenishable, the value set here can be used as a default quantity for Wayfair.

Remember to enable the channel from the checkbox on top after entering the settings.

Wayfair Shipping Method Mapping

Go to Company Settings > Toolbox > Wayfair Settings >  Shipping Method Mapping. Wayfair has unique codes to indicate shipping services. Those codes can be mapped to services in SellerCloud to ensure the correct shipping service is used when shipping the order. 

Wayfair invoices

As a fulfillment channel, Wayfair's packing slip must be printed and inserted in the shipping package with the order. The Wayfair packing slip will print automatically for Wayfair orders. However, if you are using the Per Channel Invoice Preferences option, you must initially configure the Wayfair packing slip. Read more here

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