Import Walmart Marketplace Settlements

Updated 11 months ago

A settlement is sent by a channel with information about order-related fees, commissions, and taxes.

Walmart Marketplace settlements are imported automatically into SellerCloud. The import will update your P&L, and add commissions, taxes, and fees.

You can see all settlements by clicking your Company > Toolbox > Settlement > choose the channel > enter your date range > click Search. From the grid results, click on any settlement ID to open its details.

Here's how a Walmart Marketplace order appears without settlement data:

Here's how a Walmart Marketplace order appears with settlement data:

If a Walmart Marketplace settlement is not in SellerCloud and you know its settlement ID, you can manually import it: Click Company > Toolbox > Import Settlement > choose Walmart Marketplace in the Channel dropdown > Enter the Settlement ID > click Continue. A queued job will be created. Show me where.

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