Square Credit Card Processor

Updated 2 months ago

You can integrate Square ("SquareUp"), which offers secure online payment processing for your ecommerce website, as a credit card processor in Sellercloud.

Important: If you are using waytopay.me and have set up that integration there, you do not have to perform the procedure below in Sellercloud.

Configuring Square in Sellercloud

  1. In your company, click Toolbox > Payment Settings > Select CC processor.

    sellercloud credit card processor setup
  2. Select Squareup Processor > Edit. If you do not see SquareUp, create a ticket for Sellercloud Support to install it on your server. 

    sellercloud square up credit card processor setup
  3. Click Fetch Token.

    sellercloud square up processor fetch token
  4. Enter your credentials > Sign In.

    square up login
  5. Upon login, your information will be automatically populated.
  6. To configure the accepted credit cards, click Toolbox > Payment Settings.

    sellercloud credit cards
  7. Select the accepted cards > Save Settings.

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