Sample eBay Feedback Request Template

Updated 2 years ago

Below is a template for feedback reminder you can send to eBay customers. There are three FeedbackReminder template assignments to which the template can be assigned, so you may want to modify the language and create three separate templates. Read here about setting and scheduling the feedback reminders. 

Dear #?FirstName?# #?LastName?#, #?eBayItemID?#

We would like to thank you for your recent order you placed with us on eBay!

Here are your order details:
Order: #?eBaySellingManagerSalesRecordNumber?#

We appreciate your business and have left you positive feedback.
We hope you are satisfied with the product and look forward doing business with you again.
We would appreciate if you would kindly leave us positive feedback with a 5 star rating.
To leave feedback click here (replace with link to feedback page)

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