Global Search Options

Updated 2 years ago

The Global Search function allows fast searches within SellerCloud when you know the exact SKU, order number, PO number, etc. This search includes all your companies. 

  • If there is only one result for your search, you are directed to the result
  • If the search finds more than one result, they will appear in a grid

Global Search always remembers the last category you searched. For example, if you searched for a product, each subsequent search will be a product search until you change the filter option.

By default, the possible options, which you can enable/disable here, are:

  • Product 
  • Order 
  • Channel Order Number
  • Purchase Order 
  • Vendor
  • ASIN 
  • FBA Shipment
  • eBay User Name
  • BDC Product ID
  • eBay Item ID
  • RMA 
  • Vendor SKU
  • Manufacturer SKU
  • Order Payment Trans ID
  • UPC
  • Location Notes
  • Order Tracking Number
  • Walmart Marketplace Item ID

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