Global Search Options

Updated 10 months ago

The Global Search function allows fast searches within SellerCloud when you know the exact SKU, order number, PO number, etc. This search includes all your companies. 

  • If there is only one result for your search, you are directed to the result
  • If the search finds more than one result, they will appear in a grid

Global Search always remembers the last category you searched. For example, if you searched for a product, each subsequent search will be a product search until you change the filter option.

By default, the possible options, which you can enable/disable here, are:

  • Product 
  • Order 
  • Channel Order Number
  • Purchase Order 
  • Vendor
  • ASIN 
  • FBA Shipment
  • eBay User Name
  • BDC Product ID
  • eBay Item ID
  • RMA 
  • Vendor SKU
  • Manufacturer SKU
  • Order Payment Trans ID
  • UPC
  • Location Notes
  • Order Tracking Number
  • Walmart Marketplace Item ID

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