Company Groups

Updated 2 months ago

You can group companies together into a Company Group.

Similar to Product Groups and Order Groups, company groups become a filter in the Advanced Search feature of the Manage Inventory and Manage Order pages, and as a filter in Sellercloud's reports.

Search results will find products or orders belonging to, or not belonging to, companies in the group.

Create a company group

  1. In Client Settings, check Enable Company Groups.
  2. Open Settings > Company Groups.
  3. Click Create New Group.
  4. Enter a group name, and add companies to that group.
  5. Click Save. The Company Group will appear in the Advanced Search filter's Company Group dropdown field on the Manage Inventory and Manage Orders pages, and as a filter in Sellercloud reports.

Export company groups

You can export company groups from Settings > Company Groups > Select Action menu > Export > Go

The export file contains the Group ID, Group Name, and the grouped Company Names.

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