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Fingerhut is a unique marketplace that puts millions of products into the hands of shoppers through low monthly payments option. Selling on this marketplace can earn you customers who may be unable to purchase more expensive items. Fingerhut operates as a fulfillment channel, where the merchant dropships the order for Fingerhut. Integration requires a Commerce Hub Account. 

Learn more about opening a supplier account with Fingerhut here.

Fingerhut's parent company Bluestem, operates a number of ecommerce sites, including and Paycheck Direct.

What You Need to Integrate and Sell on Fingerhut

  1. Seller Account with Fingerhut
    • Fingerhut purchases products through dedicated buyers, so you need to contact Fingerhut to become an approved seller and establish a connection with a buyer. You would submit a catalog file to the buyer, who then decides what to purchase, and negotiates a price. Similar to other fulfillment channels, you do not post items to Fingerhut from SellerCloud. Rather, SellerCloud is utilized for inventory and order management. 
  2. CommerceHub Account
    • To integrate with Fingerhut, you need to have an account with, the management software used by Fingerhut for EDI document transmission. You will be assigned a Partner Setup Specialist who will work with SellerCloud Support to integrate your account and get you live on Fingerhut. 
  3. VAN - Liason Mailbox Account
    • SellerCloud Support will set up a VAN mailbox by which documents transfer between Commerce Hub (acting as courier to Fingerhut) and SellerCloud.
  4. Configure Credentials and Test EDI Documents

Set up Fingerhut in SellerCloud

  1. Company Settings > Toolbox > Fingerhut  > General Settings.
  2. Fill in the following credentials:

     Customer ISA Qualifier


     Customer ISA ID

     Typically the customers phone number is used.

     Fingerhut ISA Qualifier

     Supplied by Commerce Hub

     Fingerhut ISA ID

     Supplied by Commerce Hub

     Supplier/Warehouse ID

     Supplied by Commerce Hub

     Enable Secure FTP


     Fingerhut FTP Info

     Info is typically supplied by Commerce Hub in their integration instructions. 

     Use Passive


EDI Documents

The following EDI documents are employed for Fingerhut integration.

  • 850 Order Download - Purchase order document from Fingerhut. Contains customer order info. 
  • 856 Order Fulfillment Upload - Notifies Fingerhut of shipping and provides shipping date/time and tracking
  • 846 Inventory Upload - Updates inventory

Automatic Inventory Updates

SellerCloud will update inventory automatically. This automation is controlled by Enable Inventory Upload on the Fingerhut Settings page.  

Manual Updates to Fingerhut

Inventory can be updated manually on the Fingerhut properties page and in bulk from Manage inventory page - Update Inventory on Channel > Go > Fingerhut > Continue.

Automatic Order Download and Tracking Upload

On Fingerhut Settings page enable the following settings to automate order processing:

  • Enable Order Download
  • Enable Order Functional Acknowledgement - Informs Fingerhut that the order document has been received.
  • Enable Order Fulfillment Upload - Sends tracking confirmation back to Fingerhut.

Fingerhut Shipping Method Mapping

Fingerhut communicates the required shipping method via codes. In order to populate the correct shipping method automatically in ShipBridge, you should map the Fingerhut shipping code to the SellerCloud Shipping Method. Likewise, the shipping codes must be mapped for sending the shipping confirmation. To ensure that you are mapping the codes properly for incoming and outgoing, please check the updated code mapping on Commerce Hub. Log in to the Dashboard. From the Dashboard, on the top left you will see an "Admin" tab. Click on that and you will see "Integrated Message codes".  

Fingerhut Invoices/Packing Slips

As a fulfillment channel, where the customer is buying from Fingerhut, the required packing slip must conform to Fingerhut's formatting requirements.

With Fingerhut orders, an Fingerhut -formatted packing slip will print out as the invoice from each order. This is done by default and requires no configuration. However, if "Per-channel Invoices" is enabled, you would need to configure the invoice as instructed here. Fingerhut sends orders from 3 sites -,, and Paycheck Direct. The invoice will print out the correct site logo and name based on where the order originated. 

Cancel Fingerhut Order

Fingerhut order cancellation must be done on the Fingerhut seller portal. After cancelling the order, set the order as "cancelled" in Sellercloud as well from the Manage Orders page.

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