Getting an FBA SKU (FNSKU)

Updated 4 months ago

The FBA SKU, or FNSKU, is an Amazon product identifier for products that are fulfilled by Amazon.

FNSKU identifies the product as yours, and you need one to create FBA inbound shipments. 

To get the FNSKU, set the product as Fulfilled by Amazon and then launch it to Amazon.

After the item is in your catalog in SellerCentral, Amazon will assign an FNSKU to the product. 

Once assigned, you can bring this information into SellerCloud in one of two ways:

  • From the Amazon Properties page of a single product, click Get FNSKU from the Action Menu
  • From the FBA inbound shipment, retrieve the FNSKU for one or more items by clicking Action > Edit > select items > Action > Get FNSKU.
Using the Get FNSKU action will send the UPC of the product in the request. Ensure your products have the UPC set when using this feature.

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