Amazon Merchant SKU

Updated 8 months ago

The Merchant SKU field does not appear by default on a product's Amazon Properties. You must actually disable the default Client Setting Use ProductID as Amazon Merchant SKU. After this setting is saved, the Merchant SKU will appear.

To bulk-update Merchant SKUs for multiple products, Manage Inventory page > Bulk Update Products > Get Template File > choose the AmazonMerchantSKU field in the bulk update template. Show me where.

Amazon uses a Merchant SKU to identify a seller's product. While the listing has an ASIN as the unique identifier, the seller relates their product to that listing with their Merchant SKU. So, if a seller adds a listing without specifying the Merchant SKU, Amazon will auto-generate it with a random combination of numbers and letters.

It is possible to relate these random Merchant SKUs to regular product SKUs, but ideally, you should use a Merchant SKU to help you recognize the product. By default, SellerCloud will post the Product ID as the Merchant SKU when posting new products to Amazon.

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