Merge Orders

Updated 1 year ago

Note: Only eBay, Wholesale, and Local Store orders can be merged.
By merging multiple orders into one order, you can often save on shipping costs. The most common scenario is when the same customer ordered twice. In order to merge orders from the same customer, please follow the steps below:

  1. Select the orders you want to merge on the Manage Orders page.
  2. Click Merge Orders on the Action menu.
  • You can enable the client setting "Auto merge orders for combined payments" to automatically merge eBay orders when the buyer pays with a combined payment. 
  • Groupon Goods accounts will automatically merge orders placed within a certain time period of each other from the same customer. The merge information is sent from Groupon, and is not determined by SellerCloud. For more information, see here
Orders with different UserID's (email address) or different Ship To addresses will not merge - the job will skip those orders.

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