Walmart Dropship Settings

On the Walmart Settings page the following fields need to be filled in. Much of this information will be supplied and entered by SellerCloud Support.
  • Customer ISA Qualifier - An EDI element. Typically, this will be entered as "ZZ"
  • Customer ISA ID - An EDI element unique to the customer. Typically, the  customers phone number is used.
  • Walmart ISA Qualifier - An EDI element. Walmart will supply the qualifier.
  • Walmart ISA ID - An EDI Element unique to Walmart. Walmart will supply the ID.
  • Walmart Seller ID - Customer's Walmart seller ID.
  • Supplier/Warehouse ID -  Walmart will provide this info.
  • Walmart FTP Server - Supplied and entered by SellerCloud Support.
  • Walmart FTP User Name - Supplied and entered by SellerCloud Support.
  • Walmart FTP Password - Supplied and entered by SellerCloud Support. 
  • FTP Port - Set to 0
For all new integrations check the Walmart Direct checkbox on top of the page
After each document has been tested, enable the automatic feeds for the following documents:
  • Enable Inventory Upload (846)
  • Enable Order Download (850)
  • Enable Order Functional Acknowledgement (997)
  • Enable Order Acknowledgement Accept (855)
  • Enable Order Acknowledgement Release (855)
  • Enable Order Fulfillment Upload (856)
  • Delete FTP files after processing - This option ensures that your mailbox will have the space for documents. If  this option is not enabled, the VAN FTP will need periodic maintenance to remove/archive documents.
To send a full inventory update to Walmart, open the Action Menu and select Download Full Inventory Update. Press GO. 

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