Walmart Dropship Settings

Updated 2 years ago

On the Walmart Settings page the following fields need to be filled in. Much of this information will be supplied and entered by SellerCloud Support.
  • Customer ISA Qualifier - An EDI element. Typically, this will be entered as "ZZ"
  • Customer ISA ID - An EDI element unique to the customer. Typically, the  customers phone number is used.
  • Walmart ISA Qualifier - An EDI element. Walmart will supply the qualifier.
  • Walmart ISA ID - An EDI Element unique to Walmart. Walmart will supply the ID.
  • Walmart Seller ID - Customer's Walmart seller ID.
  • Supplier/Warehouse ID -  Walmart will provide this info.
  • Walmart FTP Server - Supplied and entered by SellerCloud Support.
  • Walmart FTP User Name - Supplied and entered by SellerCloud Support.
  • Walmart FTP Password - Supplied and entered by SellerCloud Support. 
  • FTP Port - Set to 0
For all new integrations check the Walmart Direct checkbox on top of the page
After each document has been tested, enable the automatic feeds for the following documents:
  • Enable Inventory Upload (846)
  • Enable Order Download (850)
  • Enable Order Functional Acknowledgement (997)
  • Enable Order Acknowledgement Accept (855)
  • Enable Order Acknowledgement Release (855)
  • Enable Order Fulfillment Upload (856)
  • Delete FTP files after processing - This option ensures that your mailbox will have the space for documents. If  this option is not enabled, the VAN FTP will need periodic maintenance to remove/archive documents.
To send a full inventory update to Walmart, open the Action Menu and select Download Full Inventory Update. Press GO. 

Auto accept or reject Walmart orders based on inventoryThe auto acknowledgement will be based on inventory availability. If inventory is available then an "Accept" response will be generated. If not available a "Cancel" message be returned to Walmart.

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