Sell on Tanga Overview

Updated 2 years ago

What started as a website offering a single board game deal each day has since evolved into a rapidly growing, online retail outlet. Tanga has grown in popularity and product offerings by specializing in deeply discounted product listings.
SellerCloud integrates directly with Tanga's via API. Inventory is automatically synchronized with your other sales channels. Orders download automatically for processing, and tracking updates to Tanga upon shipping.
Selling on Tanga is to become a drop ship vendor for your product offerings. Tanga "purchases" the item from you at a predetermined price every time a customer places an order. Then they send you a PO to drop ship to the customer. Tanga-formatted packing slips can be printed to include in every Tanga order package. Order data can be easily exported to QuickBooks for invoicing Tanga.

Learn how to open a vendor account with Tanga here.

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