Shopify Categories

Updated 2 years ago

Shopify categories can be downloaded from the following page:
Company settings > Toolbox > Website > Website > SellerCloud Integrated Website > Shopify Categories.
Press Redownload Categories.
Categories can be selected on the website properties page.
To bulk update Shopify categories, use the column header WebsiteCategory. Enter the category name as the column value. To add multiple categories to a single product separate the category with the tilde sign. For example - category name 1~category name 2~category name 3.

Shopify Smart Collections

Shopify Smart Collections work similarly to the categories. They can be set in Shopify and downloaded the same way using the workflow described above. There is a checkbox at your company Toolbox > Website > SellerCloud Integrated Website > Shopify General -  Use smart collections. Enabling this will download the smart collection instead of the regular categories (also referred as custom collection). 

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