Bonanza Traits

Updated 2 years ago

Bonanza Traits are similar to eBay Item specifics. Based on the Bonanza category selected, traits specific to that category will display on the Bonanza Properties page. Traits are generally not required but can improve your listings and chance of sale.

Import Traits in Bulk

  1. The quickest way to create the import file is to go to the Manage Inventory page, select your item and Export Bonanza Traits from the action menu. The export will be pre-filled with the products and  their selected categories. It will contain a separate row for each trait. Populate the "Values" column. You can also edit the categories and the relevant trait fields if necessary.
  2. Navigate Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Bonanza Traits. (An empty template can be downloaded here as well) Import on this page. 

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