Manual Inventory Reserve

At times, you may want to allocate inventory for a specific channel. This is especially true with daily deal sites like Groupon, where you allocate a certain amount of units for the deal. On the Manual Inventory Reserve page you can define a quantity that is reserved and the duration of that reserve. During the specified time period the qty reserved will be subtracted from the inventory feeds to all channels. As orders from the indicated channel come in, quantity will be reduced from the reserve first. When the reserve has been has been depleted, inventory will be reduced from the regular inventory. 
For example, let's say you have 100 units. A manual reserve of 10 for Groupon will reduce the available qty for the other channels to 90. 

Note: Similar functionality can be used with the Channel Warehouse feature
  1. Enable client setting Enable Product Manual Reserves
  2. Product > Toolbox > Manual Reserves
  3. Select a warehouse from which you will be reserving inventory.
  4. Select a reserve type to deduct inventory from the reserve
    • Customer - Enter the customer email for which you are reserving. This should be utilized for Living Social and such other sites, which are categorized as website orders, but come in under one email address. An order from the customer will deduct from the reserved qty.
    • OrderSource - Select the channel for which you are reserving. An order from the channel will deduct from the reserved qty.
  5. Enter a reserve quantity.
  6. Set the duration of the reserve and save. While the reserve is active, it will be highlighted in green.
  7. Orders from the reserve type will deduct from the reserve. For example, if a reserve of 20 is created and 20 orders come in, the reserve will be depleted and no more qty will be reserved. 
  8. When the duration is completed, the remaining reserved inventory will be released.
With kits, the reserve must be set on the components, unless it is an independent kit.

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