Get Info From Amazon

Note: This feature is only available to clients who have been approved for the Amazon Associates Program.
Product information can often be pulled from an existing Amazon listing. Information can be pulled even if the listing is not yours and even if you do not have an amazon Account. The information can include:
  • Amazon Title - Will populate the Amazon Title field and can overwrite the Product Name. See below.
  • Description - Will come in as Long Description
  • Images*
  • Bullet points 
  • Manufacturer - When client setting Create Manufacturer when get info from Amazon or Create Product From Amazon is enabled.
  • Shipping Weight and Dimensions. See below.
  • Product Weight and Dimensions. See below.
  • Amazon Product Attributes (product info that can be found under the "More Details" tab when creating the product in SellerCentral.) - When client setting Enable Amazon Product Attributes is enabled.
Get Info From Amazon
  1. You need to have Product Search Access credentials in SellerCloud. Typically, this will be configured during your initial set up.
  2. The product must have the ASIN from which you want to "get info" on the Amazon Properties page.
  3. On the Amazon Properties page, select Get Info From Amazon from the action menu. Press GO.
  4. From the Manage Inventory page, select products. Then select Get Info From Amazon from the action menu. Press GO.
Retrieving Weight and Dimensions from Amazon
By default, all weights and dimensions will not be pulled when getting info from Amazon. This is because weights and dimensions are often entered incorrectly (typically higher) on Amazon. If you want to bring in weights and dimensions, enable the client setting Enable update weights and dimensions from Amazon.

Overwriting Product Information from Amazon
By default, information that has already been entered in SellerCloud will not be overwritten when getting info from Amazon. To overwrite info, enable the client setting Enable Override product info when getting info from Amazon.

*Download Additional Images from Amazon
By default, only the primary image on the Amazon listing will import. To import all images from the listing, enable client setting Enable download non-primary images from Amazon.

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