Amazon Account Integration Overview

Integration of your Amazon account with SellerCloud can be accomplished with the following configuration steps:
  1. Setting up the API to connect to your Amazon account.
  2. Setting up the API for access to Amazon's product catalog.
  3. Importing Amazon listings. If your SellerCloud product catalog already has the products in the Amazon listings, this step is not necessary.
  4. Set Amazon Shipping Method Mapping.
  5. Enable automatic update and download controls.

Setting up the API to connect to your Amazon account

This set up enables you to post products, update inventory and price, download orders, update tracking, download reports including settlements.
  1. Go to and click the Sign Up for MWS link. Note: for Amazon international sites, a separate set of MWS credentials is needed. Read more here.
  2. On the following page you will see your Merchant ID. Click on "View Credentials" to your MWS Credentials.
  3. Navigate to here to get the US Marketplace ID. 
  4. Navigate Company Settings > Toolbox > Amazon Settings.
  5. Enter the credentials into corresponding fields. Place the SellerID into the Merchant ID field. Place the "Secret Key" in the field "Marketplace Associate Key". 

Setting up the API for access to Amazon's product catalog

This part enables you to access product information from Amazon's catalog and apply the info to products. It also enables you to create new products from Amazon listings. 
  1. On the Amazon Settings page in SellerCloud, click the hyperlink to register for a product access key. This is only a link for Amazon US. To obtain product access keys for international sites, use the keys that can be accessed here
  2. Complete the sign up process.
  3. Click on the Manage Account link.
  4. Lower the dropdown under your account name and select "My Security Credentials".    Click here for example image
  5. Open up the Access Key Drop-down.  Click here for example image
  6. Select Create New Access Key.   Click here for example image
  7. From the pop-up select Download Key File.  Click here for example image
  8. Marketplace ID - depending on which country you integrate with, you can check the Marketplace ID here.
  9. Enter the Access key ID into the Product Search Access Key field on the Amazon Settings Page.
  10. Enter the Secret Key into the Product Search Associate Key field on the Amazon Settings Page.
  11. Test the credentials by clicking on the Action Menu and selecting "Test Product Search Key".
If you receive an error like below, follow the instructions on this page to register your credentials as an Amazon Associate. This is a requirement of Amazon in order to use the Product Advertising API.

Failed in search. Your XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX is not registered as an Amazon Associate. Please register as an associate at

Importing Amazon Listings

  • Once the API connections has been established, SellerCloud will begin to periodically pull your active listings report. After the report has been pulled (you can also manually request the report), your existing listings can be created in SellerCloud with all their product info. This is often the initial step taken to create the catalog, as many merchants have all or most of their product listed on Amazon. Read how to import listings here.  
  • If your SellerCloud product catalog already has the products in the Amazon listings, this step is not necessary. However, sometimes the same product may have a different SKU identifier in Amazon from SellerCloud. Please discuss the best practices for importing such SKUs with your SellerCloud account manager.

Set Up Amazon Shipping Method Mapping

Amazon has a few different generic shipping options for the customer to choose from. You may want to map those options to the shipping methods and carriers that you use. For example, if the customer selects 'Standard, the mapping can have the order to be marked 'UPS Ground'. Read more here.

Enable Automatic Upload and Download Controls

On the Amazon General Settings page, there are a number of controls for automation
  1. Inventory control should be enabled when you are certain your inventory is accurate and your product have been enabled for Amazon.
  2. Enable order download and tracking upload when you are ready to ship Amazon orders. 

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