Jet Orders Overview

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Automatic order download and tracking upload 

  1. Navigate Company Settings > Toolbox > Jet > General Settings.
  2. Select the following settings to automate order processing:
  • Enable Order Download - Automatically import Jet order. Orders are polled approximately every 10 minutes.
  • Enable Fulfillment Upload - Automatically update Jet with tracking.

Jet's model is to look for sellers that are the most cost-effective, such as a seller with the closest location to the buyer, which reduces shipping costs. This allows Jet to pass on the savings to customers. Sellers must acknowledge the order in due time or Jet will pull the offer and pass it to another seller. While you can manually acknowledge the offer from the Action menu, it is recommended that you select the Client Setting Enable Auto Acknowledge JET Orders.

When enabled:

  • Orders for items with available inventory, or are replenishable, will automatically be acknowledged. 
  • Single-item orders with no inventory will be automatically canceled. 
  • Multi-item orders that have some products with no inventory will be rejected automatically. Jet may split the order and resend you an order for the products you have in stock. 
  • Order acknowledgment will be sent immediately upon order creation in SellerCloud. Orders are polled about every 10 minutes.
When an order is placed on Jet, the order has a "Created" status, which will remain until Jet completes a fraud check. During this time, the order will not import into SellerCloud, and Jet does not want you to ship it from your Jet portal even though it may appear there. The hold duration can vary based on the order. You may need to contact Jet Support to troubleshoot or expedite the process. The order will import after the order attains a "Ready" status.
Unknown SKUs on an order (SKUs that are not in your SellerCloud catalog) will cause an immediate cancellation of the order.

Cancelling a Jet order

To cancel an unshipped order, use the action Cancel Jet Order on the Order Details page's Action menu.

If the order is shipped (and notification has already been sent to Jet), you must issue a refund. Read how to refund Jet order here.

Unknown SKUs on an order (SKUs that are not in your SellerCloud catalog) will cause an immediate cancellation of the order.
Jet orders may be auto-cancelled if you have no available quantities for the included products. To avoid this, enable the setting Accept orders regardless of inventory status in your company's Jet settings.

Importing Jet settlements

Select the Jet setting Enable Settlement Download to automatically pull in the Jet Settlement report. The settlement data - fees, commission, updated payment info - will be applied to the respective orders to give an accurate P&L. 

You can also manually import Jet settlements.

Importing a single Jet order

  1. Check the OrderID on the Jet portal.
  2. In SellerCloud, navigate to the JET > General Settings at your company Toolbox and select Import Single Order from the Action Menu.
  3. Enter the OrderID and import the order.

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