Apply Payment to Vendor Invoice

Updated 1 year ago

After creating a vendor invoice for reconciliation, you can record payments made against the invoice. Even if you are not paying the invoice in full, you can track your applied payments as you pay off the balance. The payments can be recorded even before receiving the PO, as it's common for retailers to prepay purchase orders.
  1. Navigate Company Settings Toolbox > Vendors > select Vendor > Payments. (You can also get to this page by using the action Make Payment on a PO.
  2. Press New Payment.
  3. Enter the payment info/method and save.

  4. The invoice will display in the grid with the invoice total and the amount already paid.
  5. In the row of the invoice you are now paying, enter the payment amount in the "Apply Payment" box. (The system will not allow overpayments.) 
  6. If multiple invoices are being paid with a single payment, enter the payment amount per invoice on their respective rows.
  7. Press Save Payments.
  8. Vendor invoices that are fully paid will be removed from the grid.
  9. The amount paid will display on the Invoice Detail page. click on the paid amount to see the payment record.
  10. Payment will also display on the main payments page detailing the payments and the invoices to which it was applied.

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