Understanding Inventory Levels when Drop Shipping

Updated 2 months ago

Aggregate Quantity

From the time the order comes in to SellerCloud until the time the order is DropShip-requested, there will be a reduction in aggregated quantity to reserve for the order. Once the tracking information is updated the inventory level restores. Under Client Settings you can set the restoration to occur only when the DropShip is acknowledged. 

Physical Quantity

As soon as a DropShip is requested, it will be considered "Received" and the physical quantity will be updated. When the DropShip status is set to Processed and the tracking is updated, the physical quantity will be reduced. For example, if physical quantity = 100 and you request a DropShip for an order with a quantity of 2, the product's Physical Qty will show 102. When set to Processed and tracking is updated the Physical Qty will revert to 100.

Note: On each vendor's general settings page, you can select in which warehouse inventory adjustments are reflected.

Dropshipping from Feed-Based Vendor

Different import options can be set via plugins or with the inventory import mapping tool. We can customize the platform to accept your vendor format and update inventory accordingly. 

Please Note:  When dropshipping from a feed-based vendor (a vendor whose quantity is fed into your inventory) you should disable inventory for their dropshipped POs. Navigate Vendor > Side menu > DropShip preferences page, enable Do Not count Inventory for DropShip PO.  When this option is selected, no inventory adjustment occurs for pending or actual dropshipped orders.

DropShip Warehouses

A warehouse type can be set as Dropship Warehouse. This will allow you to easily track vendor inventory. Multiple Warehouses can be set to better organize your workflow.

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