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Updated 7 months ago

By default, vendors are part of the company settings; therefore, they are company-specific. However, you can set up vendors in one company and make them available to all companies.

There are two ways to have vendors available for all companies:

  • Client-wide vendors
  • Company shared vendors
Clients activated after mid-November 2016 have their accounts set up as client-wide vendors by default. 

Client-wide vendors

This option will place all vendors into the default company. Vendors will be client-wide and only accessible from the default company. If you click a vendor reference link, you will open the Vendors page in the default company.

  1. Select the Client Setting Enable vendors to be Client Wide.
  2. If there are existing vendors in multiple companies, a temporary action, Prep Vendors Client wide, must be run by SellerCloud Support to merge them into the default company. It should be run before enabling Enable vendors to be Client Wide. Products will lose their default vendor (Product Purchasing page). However, the vendor product will stay under the vendor.

Company shared vendors

This option will split vendors as follows:

  • Vendors can be shared - If they were created in the default company
  • Vendors can be company-specific - If they were created in a non-default company
  1. Select the Client Setting Share Vendors across Companies.
  2. New vendors will be available in both companies. However, you will only be able to edit the vendor from the default company.
  3. To share existing vendors from the default company, open the Vendors page in the secondary company.
  4. Click Action Menu > Sync Vendors > Go.

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