Sell on Groupon Goods Overview

Updated 1 year ago

SellerCloud integrates with Groupon Goods to market your products to millions of deal seekers on

Groupon Goods operates as a fulfillment channel, where the merchant dropships the order for Groupon . This means that Groupon will negotiate product prices from merchants and market the approved products. The products are considered purchased by Groupon when an order is placed. Orders will be forwarded to the merchant for fulfillment. 

Begin selling on Groupon Goods here.

The are 2 methods for integrating with Groupon Goods:
  1. Groupon API
  2. Groupon Connect Supply
  • Using the Groupon API, SellerCloud will import Groupon orders and upload tracking. This is done via CommerceInterface. Sellercloud now also updates inventory via Groupon Gateway using EDI. SellerCloud will also print invoice/packing slips to meet Groupons unique formatting requirements.
  • With Groupon Connect Supply, SellerCloud will import order and update tracking. Inventory can be updated as well. However, you will need a Commerce Hub account for this EDI integration.

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