Pallet Quantity

Updated 1 year ago

The pallet quantity of a product can be tracked on a PO. While you cannot purchase by pallet quantity, this feature works together with purchasing by the case and enables you to track how many pallets were ordered and how many units there are per pallet. 

  1. Enable the Client Setting Enable Per Case Qty Mode.
  2. If desired, enable the Client Setting Display Qty per case and Qty per pallet on Product Home page.
  3. At the product level, click Toolbox > Purchasing.
  4. In the Qty Per Case field, enter the quantity of units per case; for example, 12 units per case.
  5. In the Qty Per Pallet field, enter the pallet quantity of the item (not the case quantity per pallet); for example, 240 units per pallet.
  6. Click Save.
  7. After creating a PO, click Action Menu > Enable Per Case Qty
  8. Order with case quantity, as explained here.
  9. From the Action Menu, click Print to PDF to show the number of pallets.

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