Replace SKU in Order

Updated 2 years ago

You can replace SKUs in multiple orders in bulk with a file upload. 

Individual Order

  1. On the order detail page, select Edit Order from the Action Menu.
  2. In the SKU field enter a new SKU or use the search tool to search for the new SKU.
  3. Save the order.

Multiple Orders in Bulk

You can bulk replace SKUs on multiple orders with a file upload. 
  1. Navigate Orders > Bulk Replace Order SKU. 
  2. Download the template. 
  3. Populate the columns with the order ID, Original SKU and New SKU. OrderItemID is not required.
  4. Save file and upload.
Note: There is a separate feature called Replacement Products, which allows you to set up replacements that will be accepted by Scan and Ship without having to actually change the SKU on the order. 

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