Set Physical Inventory

Updated 2 years ago

Setting and Adjusting Physical Quantity Tutorial

Setting a Physical refers to setting the actual inventory – the quantity of the product in a warehouse. The quantity entered is the quantity you have in stock.

Set Physical For Individual Products
  1. Open a product and click on the Product Warehouse link located next to the inventory quantity fields.
  2. Click on the Set Physical Inventory tab. Entering a value here will set the actual quantity count of that particular item in a particular warehouse. 
  3. Select a warehouse from the drop down. 
  4. Now enter a value in the Physical Qty. field.
  5. If applicable, change the time and date of the physical. In order to calculate the amount of units available for sale, the system will consider all deductions and additions of the product that occurred after the date and time of the last physical count. If the date and time is inaccurate, the system might be calculating incorrectly.
  6. Click Save Physical Inventory and the quantity will be saved in the system.
Click here to learn how to bulk update the physical quantity.
Click here to read about adjusting inventory.

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