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YouTube Video is a Volume Postage partner with the USPS and can provide postage discounts for Priority and Priority Express at a lower cost than purchasing postage directly from the post office, or even from a third party provider like Endicia.

SellerCloud integrates with Express 1 through ShipBridge, SellerCloud's shipping app. Shipping through ExpressOne is easy and no different than shipping through Endica. And wherever applicable, you can switch between Express one and Endica by selecting rates in the shipping rate calculator.

To integrate with ExpressOne:

  1. Menu > Options > ExpressOne tab.
  2. Check the Use ExpressOne checkbox to reveal the ExpressOne integration fields.
  3. Click on the link to sign up with Express one. Complete the form and click Submit.
  4. Enter your ExpressOne Account ID and PassPhrase provided to you by Express One.
  5. If you have multiple companies that have different ExpressOne accounts you can configure each one separately by clicking on the Pre-Company configuration button. Check the Use merchant-specific credentials for Express One checkbox. Now click the Edit buttons next to the companies and enter your account credentials for each company individually.  Click Save. When shipping orders, ShipBridge will look at the company on the order and use the credentials configured here.
  6. Verify your credentials are entered properly by clicking on the Test Credentials button.
  7. By default all ExpressOne services will be selected for use, but you can select specific services by checking and unchecking the services in the Services panel on the lower right of the screen.
  8. Configure the printer for label printing. Learn more about label printer configuration here.

Express One Functions and Options:

  • Enable refunding postage when unshipping orders.
  • Enable Cubic Rates - for packages up to 0.5 cubic ft.  Cubic rates are based on the size of the package rather than  on the package's weight. This can provide significant savings for small but heavy packages.To select cubic rates when shipping an order, open the Package Type drop down and select Cubic.  
  • Buy postage and check account balance.

There are several ExpressOne postage and label options on the USPS tab. 

  • Stealth postage to stop  the order charges from printing on the label. 
  • Rubber stamps can be configured to printer order information on the label.
  • Configure the thermal printer's printing orientation.

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