Shopify Webhooks

Updated 1 year ago

If you are experiencing overselling with Shopify orders simply because inventory feeds are not updating your inventory quickly enough, Shopify webhooks may be a solution. SellerCloud can use Shopify webhooks to receive immediate notification when an order is created on Shopify. The notification will then trigger an immediate inventory update for the ordered item.
While SellerCloud receives notification of an order through a webhook, it does not create the order. Instead, it stores the information in the back end, calculates the available inventory and updates the item on Shopify. The order will be created in SellerCloud with the regular order download feed.

Configuring Shopify Webhooks 

  1. Create a Shopify Webhook. Read how to here.
  2. After the webhook is created a verification ID will display at the bottom of the Notifications page on Shopify. This ID is used to verify that the notification is coming from your Shopify account.
  3. Copy and paste the ID to the "API Verification ID" field in the Website Cart General Setting page in SellerCloud.
  4.  You're done!

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