Managing SKUs

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Please read first! For information about SKUs in Sellercloud's original interface, download this file.

You can manage, create, and update SKUs for products across channels easily in Sellercloud.

The Product ID code of a SKU can be renamed to a new Product ID. 

SKUs can only be renamed if there is no order, inventory, purchasing, or listing history on the item.

Creating a new SKU

  1. Access Catalog > Add New Product.

    sellercloud add new product
  2. Choose Create individual product manually.
  3. Enter a SKU or have one generated for you.

    sellercloud create new product manually
  4. Click Create Product.

Renaming a SKU

  1. To access, Catalog > Manage Catalog. Select the product from the Manage Catalog page.
  2. From the Action Menu > Change Product SKU.
  3. Enter the New SKU > Change.

    sellercloud change a product sku old sku new sku window
If you are changing the SKU to match the product code on a channel, consider keeping the current SKU and using the Merchant SKU field on each channels' product properties page instead, in order to link the SKU with the channel.

Copying a SKU

The Copy SKU action enables you to copy product information from one product to an existing product (or multiple products). All information will be copied over, including fields that are blank. This is is similar to cloning a new SKU. However, that action will create a new cloned SKU, while this action is only to update an existing SKU(s).

  1. Access Manage Catalog and choose the SKU you wish to copy. Copy the SKU.
  2. Select the SKU you wish to change. Click Clone SKU from the Action Menu.

    sellercloud clone sku action menu
  3. Paste the SKU into NEW SKU > Clone SKUS.

    sellercloud clone skus window
You can clone one or multiple SKUs at a time. Simply choose your SKU, copy it, and select the SKUs you wish to change. From there, just paste your chosen SKU into each New SKU > Clone SKUs.

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