Post eBay Subsidies to QuickBooks

SellerCloud can manage eBay deals by including the subsidy into the P&L of the order. Read more about managing eBay deals here.The actual subsidy amount can be exported to QuickBooks as an invoice for accurate accounting.
  1. Make sure that QuickBooks is open and running on the same computer as QuickBridge.
  2. Select QuickBooks from the menu bar.
  3. Select Post eBay Subsidies to QuickBooks. 
  4. Select the appropriate dates and click the Get Subsidies button.
  5. The grid will populate with subsidies that have not yet been exported to QuickBooks. 
  6. Click on Post to QuickBooks and wait for confirmation. You're Done!
  7. An eBay Subsidy customer, and an eBay subsidy account will be created.

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