Walmart Shipping Override Templates

While you need to set up global shipping setting in the the Seller Profile in the Walmart Seller Center, sometimes you may want make exceptions and override the global settings at the item level. Your exception may be to add a shipping service or to remove a shipping service.
Both exceptions can be done using the Walmart Marketplace Shipping Templates

Creating a Walmart Shipping Override Template

  1. Navigate Settings > Toolbox > Walmart Marketplace Settings > Shipping Template.
  2. Enter a name and press Add New Template.
  3. Define whether this template will add or remove a method:
    • Check the Shipping Allowed if you would like to add this method to the other methods already configured in your global settings in Walmart Seller Center. 
    • Leave unchecked if you want to remove a method from this item that is enabled in your global settings in Walmart Seller Center.
  4. Select a Shipping Region.
  5. Select a Ship Method.
  6. Enter a dollar value. This will be the shipping price for the item.
  7. Save the template.
  8. On the Walmart Properties page of each item, select a shipping template from the dropdown and save. Relist the item to upload the shipping override.
  9. To bulk update use the column header WalmartAPIShippingTemplateID and enter the template numerical ID.

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