MAP Price

Updated 1 year ago

In its simplest form, Minimum Advertised Pricing (or MAP, as it's often called) is the lowest price a retailer can advertise the product for sale - not the lowest price they can sell it for in their store, but the lowest they can show it online or in an advertisement.

  • Channels have different rules using MAP Price:
    • Amazon - Does not allow MAP price to be higher than the Site Price
    • eBay - When EnforceMAPPrice is enabled, the MAP Price will be set as the default Buy It Now Price. If disabled, the default Buy It Now Price will be set to the Site Price

  • MAP price is product-specific and can be set on the Product Summary. The check box EnforceMAPPrice will set this as the default MAP price to all channels that use it. You will not be allowed to have a sell price lower than the MAP Price.
    • Exception: For JET, you can sell under the MAP Price if Allow JET Price below MAP Price is enabled in Client Settings.

  • To bulk-update the MAP Price, use the following columns:
    • MAP Price - Updates the MAP Price value
    • Enforce MAP Price - Sets this as the default MAP Price for all channels (accepts values of true or false)
    • Use Map Price For Website - Sends the MAP price to website integrated channels, if they have that option

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