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Check out this short tutorial on adding products in SellerCloud's Delta interface!

Here's how to add a new product in SellerCloud's original interface.

You can create a new product by clicking Add New Product from the Inventory tab.  

Product summary attributes

The Product Summary page is where you enter the product attributes. The table below defines each of these attributes.



Product Name

Default product title.


 Company which with the product is associated.

Product Type 

Used to create default templates for publishing new listings.


Status that you can use for internal reference about whether a product is active for sale.

By default, an inactive product will be hidden from the Manage Inventory page; use the Active filter to show those products. Active status does not disable for channel.


Condition of product (e.g. New, Refurbished).


For internal use – rates products. Lets you filter products by rating on the Manage Inventory page.


For internal use – assign workflow of single product to multiple employees. For example, employee 1 can be assigned to manage products that are assigned priority 1 status. Lets you filter products on the Manage Inventory page by Priority.

 Inventory Status

Status of availability. This is an internal notification status and will not remove the Sellable status of the item. Lets you filter products by Inventory Status on the Manage Inventory page.

 Aggregate Qty

Quantity of product available for sale.

Physical Inventory 

Total quantity of product in warehouse.

The calculation used is Aggregate + Reserved. This will usually equal the true warehouse inventory, but not always.

View Movement

Opens a page that shows movement of products inventory: sales, purchase orders, warehouse transfer, FBA shipments, etc.

Product Warehouse

Opens a page that shows quantity of product in warehouse(s).


Replenishable items (items whose inventory you can always replenish) ignore inventory availability. Instead, the fixed quantity on each channel properties' page is used for the inventory feed to the channel.

 Location Notes 

Text note about where the product is stored in a warehouse.


Employee set as the purchaser on the product's Purchasing page.

 MAP Price 

Lowest price approved by manufacturer for sale.


Checking this box will set the MAP to be the selling price on all channels' properties pages. Prices set lower than the Map Price will be adjusted to the Map Price.

Use MAP Price for Website 

Automatically send MAP in the pricing feed to your website.

 Average Cost 

The average cost of product. Read more about average cost here.

 On Order

 Quantity on an approved purchase order.

Standard/List Price


 Site Cost

Cost of the product to the merchant. This is a set value that does not necessarily reflect the cost from the last PO. However, it can be updated from the PO Last Cost or Average Cost based on Client Settings. 

 Sell Below Cost

Internal reference field used to authorize selling price less than cost. When enabled or disabled, a log will display, logging the change by employee and time stamp. Read how to prevent pricing from being set too low here

 Site Price*

Default selling price of product.

*This is Site/Retail Price in Sellercloud's new interface.

 Wholesale Price

Default price for wholesale orders.

Ship Weight 

Entering shipping weight - the weight of product and packaging - will automatically apply weight when shipping.  By default, this value populates the "Weight" column in ShipBridge for single item orders. 

Ship Width/Height/Length 

Entering shipping dimensions (dimensions of the package) will automatically apply dimensions when shipping.

Product Weight 

 Actual weight of product.

Product Width/Height/Length

Dimension of product. Displays on Product Home page by enabling the Client Setting Display Product dimensions at product home page.

Shipping Package Type 

 Entering Package Type will automatically apply Type when shipping

Short Description

 Description of product – text only.

Long Description 

 Description of product that can include HTML-formatted text and images.

Item Includes 

 Items that are included in shipping (e.g., Manual, Power Cord).


 Product manufacturer.


 Brand of the product.

Manufacturer SKU 

 Model number.

 Master SKU 

In case of a SKU mismatch, this field can be used to link a SKU in a third-party master inventory system, such as QuickBooks, with the SKU in Sellercloud.


 Universal product code.

 Country of Origin


Key Product Features 

 Selling points/highlights of a product. Also referred as Special Features.

Attributes have a log history to track changes; click the + button to view the log.

If you want the Toolbox on the left to always be collapsed, enable the Client Setting Always show product left menu.

Product summary panels

You can customize the Product Summary page to show different information about a product.

The page can show a number of panels with anything from purchase order history, sales history, or related kits.

Panels can be managed by clicking the Manage Panels link above the panels. Show and hide, or toggle the order of panels:

  • Images  - shows the main images of the product, with a link to manage all images
  • Sales Channels - shows the channels that the product is enabled for and the price etc.
  • Matrix - shows matrix parents where this product is a child
  • Kits - shows components, if the current product is a kit
  • Related Kits - shows kit parents where this product is a component
  • Shadows - shows shadows of this product
  • Replacements
  • Purchase Details - shows last price paid, default vendor and DropShipMode
  • Purchase Orders - shows history of most recent PO's for this product
  • FBA Inbound Shipments
  • Inventory Transfer - shows inventory transfers and adjustments for this product    
  • Custom Columns
  • Notes
  • Purchase Details
  • Vendor Prices
  • Warehouses - shows inventory of product in each warehouse
  • Inventory Arrival
  • Recent Sales
  • Active Listings
  • Warehouse Bins
  • Custom Columns - shows custom columns for this product

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