Order Feedback Request Setting

Note: There are some channels that don't provide customer emails, and some that don't want merchants to send emails directly to the customers. Amazon automatically sends feedback requests to the customer, so there is no need to configure feedback reminders in SellerCloud for Amazon.
Note: If you still want to send feedback email to Amazon customers, SellerCloud is fully integrated with the Amazon Messaging System. Emails sent to the hashed customers email addresses  will be forwarded to the customer.
  1. Test your Email settings from Email Settings > SMTP settings to make sure they are properly configured. Also check with SellerCloud Support if the feedback services are running on your server.
  2. First you need to create a email template.  To do this navigate to your Company > Toolbox > Email Settings > Email Templates.  An example template can be downloaded here
  3. The template needs to be assigned to a email type, in this case we have 3 different feedback reminders that can be set. Navigate to Company Toolbox Email Settings Email Templates Assignment.  You can assign the template from step 1 to FirstFeedbackReminder,  SecondFeedbackReminder or ThirdFeedbackReminder.  
    All 3 reminders needs to be configured in order for the feedback feature to work.
  4. The third step is to set which channels will use the feedback reminder emails and the interval before sending them.  This is set from the Email Rules. In this case you need the Feedback Request column to be enabled for the specified channel and the 3 columns for Feedback Reminder on top to be set. The Email rules are accessible from the Email Templates link on the top (see the screenshot) or from the Toolbox > Email Settings > Email Rules.

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