Per-Company Shipping Configuration

Updated 2 years ago

Different shipping credentials can be set in ShipBridge for each company. This can be useful in better organizing your workflow and have different shipping options.

  1. In ShipBridge go to Menu > Options and to the Carriers tab.
  2. For each of the available carriers (USP, FedEx, DLH, etc..) in the related tab, there is Per-company configuration button. The setup is similar for all carriers, but the required credentials will be specific to the carrier.

Example for FedEx:

  1. Go to Menu > Options> Carriers > Fed Ex
  2. Click on the Per-company configuration and enable the check box on top.
  3. Click on the Edit button for the company in question and enter your credentials.
  4. Make sure to test the credentials before you save them, to make sure they are correctly filled.

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