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Updated 2 years ago

Orders can be viewed by clicking on the Orders tab. Click the Search button to display all orders. You can filter your search results as well. Click on the Advanced Search tab to filter a search by many more variables.

  • Location Note Filter on Manage Orders  - Orders can be filtered by item location note. By default, the system will search for a matching location note of the most expensive item in the order. To enable the filter to search for matching locations of all items in the order, turn off client setting "Enable Expensive Order Item Location based search".
Save an order search for future use by selecting Save Search As from the action menu after selecting filters or after selecting and searching.  For example, to save a search for today's orders, open the Advanced Search tab and select Today  from the Order Date Range filter. Now click Save Search As on the Action menu and give the search. Access your saved searches from the drop-down menu on the Manage Orders page. You also have the option of saving your searches to the dashboard for easier access. 

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