Replacement Order Shipping Confirmation Template

Updated 2 years ago

An email can be generated and sent to a customer after a replacement order is sent. 
While replacement orders can be included in the regular shipping confirmation email, this option is particularity important for replacement orders for orders originating at Amazon. Because Amazon places restrictions on the content of any email sent from the seller to the customer, shipping confirmation emails are typically not sent for Amazon orders. Instead Amazon sends an email directly to the customer to confirm shipping.
However, replacement orders for Amazon pose a particular problem. Because the order will retain the ordersource as "Amazon", it will be excluded from the regular shipping confirmation emails. However, the OrderSourceOrderID is not saved to the replacement order. Hence, shipping notification is not sent to Amazon and the customer won't get a notification shipping from Amazon. 

This template assignment resolves the issue by sending email confirmation to the customer for any replacement order including Amazon orders. 
The following sample template should be used with the OrderShippedConfirmation Replacement Order email template assignment.

Dear #?FirstName?# #?LastName?#
Your replacement order has been shipped on.
Order number: #?OrderNumber?#. This is a replacement of your original order - Order number #?ParentOrderID?#.
Your replacement order has been shipped on #?ShippedOn?# with #?ShippingCarrier?# #?ShippingServiceSelected?# 
You can track your shipment with tracking number #?TrackingNumber?# at #?TrackingURL?#.
Thank you. 

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