Posting a Product to BigCommerce

Updated 2 years ago

The following required fields must be populated in order to successfully post to Bigcommerce:
  • Enabled for Website.
  • Product Name - No two products can have the same name.
  • Category - selected on the Website Properties page. 
  • Price - entered on Website Properties page or Site Price on Product Home page
  • Ship Weight - entered on Product Home page.
  • Image. Gallery and Description selected.

Posting Individual Product

  1. Navigate Product > Toolbox > Website Properties.
  2. Action Menu > Post on Channel > Go.

Launching Multiple Products

  1. Select product from Manage Inventory page.
  2. Action Menu > Launch on Channel.
  3. Select Website and press Continue.

Note: If you are posting a n-matrix to BigCommerce please check the instructions on this page.

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