Creating an n-Matrix Overview

Creating an n-Matrix with multiple dimensions is a multi-step process. Be sure to first enable it in Client Settings.

Creating a n-Matrix

1.Under Settings select n-Matrix. This will take you to n-Matrix dimension page where you will click the Add New Dimension button.

2.Complete the following fields and save.
Unique Name – The name of a particular dimension to be associated with the intended products
Display Name – The name as it displays on the channel.
Abbreviation – An abbreviated form. 
Manufacturer – for reference (not required)
Product Type – for reference (not required)

3.Select Manage Values to Edit the Values (Colors, Sizes,Teams,Tea Flavors)

4. Now, add a new product to your catalog with a name that will reflect that it is a parent product of the variations. In our example we would call it Sports Jerseys.

5. On the Product Summary page of the parent product, open toolbox and click N-Matrix > Matrix General. Select the dimensions you want to add to this product. You can add a new dimension if necessary. Click Continue on the bottom of the page.

6. On this page you will need to copy and paste a product SKU into its corresponding Product ID to build it upon a parent and child scheme.. 

7. It's important to note, that when creating N-matrix listing that the Parent inventory always remain 0 and the children retain the inventory.

Set the order of the  Matrix

The order of the variations as they display in SellerCloud and on the channels can be ordered as desired. 
  1. On the matrix parent select Re-Order Dimension Values. Press Go.

  2. Select a dimension by which to set an order.
  3. Click on a dimension value. Drag and drop to your preferred order, or use the arrow keys to move up and down. Press Save.

  4. The variations will be sent to the channel in descending order of placement. 
Read how to set images on variations here.

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