Creating an n-Matrix Overview

Updated 2 months ago

Check out how to create product variations in SellerCloud's Delta interface!

The following instructions are for SellerCloud's original interface.

See how to create a variation listing, known as an "n-Matrix" in SellerCloud's original interface:

Prerequisite: Select Enable Product n-Matrix in the Client Settings.

  1. Click Settings > N Matrix.
  2. Click Add New Dimension.

  3. Complete and save the following fields:
  • Unique Name - Name of a particular dimension to be associated with the intended products
  • Display Name - Name as it appears on the channel
  • Abbreviation - An abbreviated form 
  • Manufacturer - For reference (not required)
  • Product Type - For reference (not required)

  1. Click Manage Values to edit values (such as colors, sizes, flavors, etc.).

  2. Add a new product to your catalog with a name that reflects that it is a parent product of the variations. (In this example, "MatrixParent," as shown below in Step #7.)
  3. On the parent product's Product Summary, click Toolbox > N-Matrix > Matrix General.
  4. Choose the dimensions to add to this product (if necessary, add a new dimension) > Continue (at bottom of page).

  5. Copy and paste a product SKU into its corresponding Product ID to build it on a parent and child scheme. 
  6. Learn how to set images on variations.

When creating an n-matrix listing, the parent inventory always stays at 0 and the children retain the inventory. This is because the parent is not a real product, as shown below.

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