Inventory by Product Detail Report

This report itemizes inventory and value per warehouse by product as of a specified date.
The report displays a separate row for each product for each warehouse. If a product has inventory in 3 warehouses, there will be 3 rows for the product.
Please Note: Inventory quantity and Value is stored for every day up to 180 days. Prior to that period SellerCloud only keeps a record for the 1st and last day of each month. If you select a date prior to 180 days, the report will take you back to the 1st day of  the month. 
  • The value is based on the Item Cost of the product on the specified date. 
    • While there are 3 item costs available to use  - Average, Last, Site -, the cost saved to the report is whatever the client setting Order Profit & Loss Calculated Using:________ was set to on the date specified.
  • By default, when warehouse filter is set to "All" the report will include dropship warehouses. Check setting Do not Include Dropship Warehouses to exclude those warehouses from the report and total.

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